what am i thinking, no really what can I be thinking?

ok, jumping in with both feet.  essentially have been “blogging” one form or fashion my whole life.  first would have to be the stories in my head at age 6 walking home from school in Pecos TX.  wrote all sorts of stories adding new chapters daily.

seriously walked about 16 blocks through town so thinking time was available.  and now when do any kids really walk that distance anywhere but much less to and from school?  6 years old?  anyone letting their kids do that these days?  mine are 13 and walk to middle school a block from my house and I am nervous, at 6 would have been unthinkable.

SO did lots of storytelling to occupy myself.  later progressed to notebook paper.  And isn’t a diary or journal really a blog in the pre-technog-comp era?  so I owe a BIG thanks to Maureen (aka Madre, Mama) for my “Nothing Book” given in 9th grade.  I proceeded to go through several of these bound hardcover white page books waiting for all my teen musings. and let me tell you it will only be after serious beverages and a completely spent imagination before I post that HI larious business.  deep thoughts there, NOT.    The Nothing Book really was the first I saw of the now ubiquitious blank books at every B&N waiting for your words to jump onto the page.  the only other thing like it would be your standard diary complete with lock on the front.  those books took me to college and some beyond.  and much like a blog were not done every single day but gave an update on what was happening in a place and time.

other people who need to get used to figuring into my virtual stories will include long time friends Shell, Jen, Liz, from 30 years back.  more recently Lori can expect to find herself in my copy.  then there is family that is absolutely not safe but then they know me so that should not be a surprise.  with a name like Molly Collie, shy and wallflower are not my gig.

My precious twins Kate and Garrett get a big shout out of love and hugs.  They have their own special journals that I started when they were born and I have just finished those first books (hey time has flown by since birth and I am good getting an update on what’s happening beginning of a new school year).  I talk about their school their friends, how they have grown what they like favorite foods. an expanded baby book.  thinking 18 is when those will be given.  but A LOT has happened in their short lives and they need to know some things that I know they won’t remember.  hopefully they will like it even when they groan and can’t believe i would write THAT.

lots of stories after 45 years.  I read once that a writer has to write, like a painter has to paint or any one artist is compelled to do what they do.  whether it is read, viewed, bought or shared.  So really I am a writer and always was from the first crayon in my hand.  read it, don’t read it, like it or not but the writing is coming.


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