book addictions, not going to rehab either

As a follow up to the Rock of Love whole finite obsession post earlier.  Further example of my quick addictions or more likely OCD behaviors.  I will find an author I like, say Patricia Cornwell when I discovered one of her books for the first time.  I then have to exhaustingly find each and everyone that came before and read in order.  The order of books with same characters cannot be messed with frankly.  And this is life long.  Started when I had the flu in 3rd grade and my grandmother gave me these Happy Hollisters series of books from a garage sale about these spunky 5 kids who solve mysteries.  I read all of them but there was clearly an order even though I couldn’t find numbers on the covers SO i used tape and all I could find was that lovely strapping packing tape with the string in it.  Cut into pieces and taped to the dustcovers numbered them myself!  i was 9!

Oh but that is not the end of the HH saga.  About a year ago I was looking at those books in my hall and I have read some of them to my kids even though they are really funny with very 1950s language, (and there is still tape hanging on to some of those covers) and I discovered there were some small numbers on some of them.  This led to googling HH only to discover to my horror (at all the years wasted without them) and delight that there were many more in the series!! well you can probably imagine what happened next. Through the magic of the internet I tracked down every single one that I didn’t have.  But first I printed from a fan site the complete list of course so I could CHECK them off when they arrived and what I already have.  This was about a month or so adventure and these books that cost about a dollar in their first print days ranged from about $5 to one that I am not even sure I am willing to say I paid for it. (hey it was the rarest one with the fewest printed.  okay it was over $100 and that is all i am saying).

Now I have them all AND they are in their right order and for the covers that are missing numbers due to when they were printed and other various and maddening reasons that I cannot discover, the list sits on top of them in the bookcase.  And now we won’t miss a single adventure of Pete, Pam, Ricky, Holly and little Sue as they solve the most interesting mysteries in their big rambling house in Shoreham and all over the country on family trips in the station wagon, with their fabulous mom and dad and pets.


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