um more od-ing on “Colors”

Hey in an airport.  NOW I get to write!  yea!  see long travel day is not going to get me down now that I am blogging, oh yea high five it bay-bee.   SO here I am and will be boarding soon but on the laptop and here it is.  Got the iPod going to Amos Lee’s “Colors”.  Another of my OCD deals is that I will spend time with a particular song for a length of time.  what I love about the iPod is I have 7k of tunes to rediscover and it is golden.  I got the earbuds in and I am not afraid to toe tap and head bop to the music.  I am sitting here smiling for maybe one of the few times today and music is the ticket.  awesome song so check it out.  there will be more music  along the way because I can’t get by without it.  now onto the 5th time to play this song btw.  have a good un til I can get back online.  and I think I have maybe an hour at Love field coming up!  yea for me and hopefully you reader.  thx for taking the time.


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