“Colors” music

“Yesterday I got lost in the circles feeling like such a mess.  Now I’m down, I’m just hanging on the corner, I can’t help but reminisce.  ’cause when you’re gold, all the colors fade when you’re gold, oh the years they parade..”  from “Colors” Amos Lee.

I can sit here in Love field and focus on the laptop and in front of me is the human parade, business people, military, families, women with shoes way to tall for airport walking, all the sizes, shapes and colors.  if i will just look at the laptop they will come and go in the periphery and be a blur of colors like a movie.  huh

An EXCELLENT song now on in my “digging it” playlist.  “Falling or Flying” from the Grey’s Anatomy soundtrack by Grace Potter & the Nocturnals.  So need to check it out, perfect blur by eye music, with its dream like quality.  “the air’s so heavy it could drown a butterfly”. yep some really interesting lines this one.  would be curious what anyone else thinks this is about.  I have my thoughts but not sure what to think of them.


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