casita obsession

Hi my name is Molly (Hi Molly) and I have a problem with tiny travel trailers… I don’t know what it is but I want a teeny tiny house on wheels.  what in the h is wrong with me??? I am 5’10” for gosh sakes.  but I want a Casita, those little travel trailers with … More casita obsession

airplane monitor

Meant to add this about airplane travel when I was discussing what not to wear recently but had to get on the plane!  interrupted my ranting about the planes!  hmmph. anyway, I wish I wasn’t but I am an airplane monitor.  If i could raise my hand and tell on a fellow traveler I would. … More airplane monitor

parking lot karma

Many years ago I noticed a phenomenon of sorts taking place in parking lots. Karma probably isn’t the right word but it is the one that came to mind at the aha moment so there it is and it has stuck.  I have discussed this with people periodically who glaze over but this way I … More parking lot karma