Wal-Mart “Clean”

We need to have the talk about Wal-Mart. First, a Wal-Mart was built on the site of a former 9-hole golf course called Treasure Island here in Lubbock. The owners of the land sold this beautiful tree-filled oasis to the folks from Arkansas who literally ‘put up a parking lot’. This was THE last Wal-Mart that I have been in, going on now 7 years Wally World clean. Fall of 2002 was the last time I went into a Wal-Mart and I have managed to save just fine elsewhere thank you. That experience still can give me the chills and break into a sweat. And if you have shopped in any Wal-Mart you have experienced this: the tall shelves reaching to a dim looking ceiling with poor lighting, school supply shopping madness AND food shoppers since this is a “SUPER” Wal-World and I mean super in the most sarcastic way as well. I have found them to be dirty and crowded. This particular trip I was looking for bean bag chairs and found them towering miles above my head. There were screaming tots running amok with no apparent families to claim them. many with baby shoes a diaper and maybe a shirt running around with a bottle nipple gripped in their little tiny teeth. Sadly I have seen similar sites at midnight in WalWal and that is just beyond my ability to fathom. I am all about savings, I will go blocks to find 5 cents less gas. But the feeling that I need a shower when I leave a Wal-Mart is too much for this gal to reckon with. One of my friends (Lori to be exact) claims to like it because she can run over at midnight to get something for a school project that her kids told her at dinner they need for the next day. That is when I say they should have told me before then because TARGET IS CLOSED!

Frankly, one of my many mottos is now “IF TARGET DOESN”T HAVE IT, I DON”T NEED IT.” Feel free to quote me fellow devotees of the red/white circle shopping mecca. Really how can you not love Target! I remember shopping in high school and getting my Calvin Klein jeans. Finding the one in Lubbock 27 years ago when I came to Tech for all my dorm room needs! Wal-Mart wasn’t EVEN here then! and when they did come they torn down some of the most beautiful trees to be found in this too few trees town! And now? we have TWO Targets in Lubbock and they have the most fun plates each season and I love my Radko Christmas dishes. No need for Spode for me!

Now that it has been 7 years even if I wanted to go into WMart, I can’t it is the principle of the thing. I just can’t go back when I have been free and clear for so long. What would that say to my friend who called me from the Wal-Mart at Quaker and the Loop one January and asked me to be her sponsor in going clean? What message does that send to my children when I have adamantly refused to go in again? I have a conviction and have to stick with it and cannot imagine an emergency so terrible that would send me threw the doors to be greeted by a smiling elderly man in a blue vest. No, not gonna happen. And in all seriousness I remember the day when I was at the cashier and was not sure how I would take care of my children, didn’t think I had enough money for diapers that day and was hoping the check would float and felt so low. I don’t want that feeling again and for me Wal-Mart brings it all back. I was so depressed and if you have been there you know exactly what I mean. And if you haven’t, well I promise Wal-Mart can make even the most stable person feel low. Is it the lighting??? or the screaming snot nose children with no pants on?

So like Scarlet OHara in war torn Atlanta I vow to not be that gal again. See you at Target!

* hey I am now 11 years clean! Still no Wally World shopper in this girl! High Five!
Remember friends, “If Target doesn’t have it I don’t need it!” And really if the people of Wal-Mart website photos didn’t convince you of what could await you should you venture into that store, well I don’t know what else to say.


3 thoughts on “Wal-Mart “Clean”

  1. and a few freshly planted trees bordering the parking lot adorned with plastic bags tangled in their fledgling branches? a sight that rivals the snot nose kids.

  2. The dirty diapers in the parking lot… (I would have preferred to step on chewed bubbalicious) But i did get my dog free out of the back of truck at ‘the wal-marts’ so balance is restored.

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