Air Travel irritations

News from the road.  kicking off Monday RIGHT!  Maybe it is not known given my nickname is TXTravelGirl, but I DO.  NOT. LIKE. TO.  FLY.  But it is often a necessary evil in my job.  So it is time to start talking about travel “fun”. 

I do a lot of windshield time driving roads of West Texas and the Panhandle, plus the added bonus of scenic southern and eastern NM.  In no way to be confused with the more lovely and much missed part of my old territory northern NM including my favorite place Santa Fe.

Today let me share a particular strong pet peeve about airplane travel and if you do this or someone you love does, STOP IT NOW.  intervention time for the loved one.   WHY do men in particular, although some women feel the need for this too but more often it is the men on plane, as soon as we land and as soon as we got the green light for cell phone turn on time, they immediately start doing business on the plane.  I DO NOT CARE and no one else does about your next sale, today’s topic of the conference room and wipe boards, talking to Susan, Sherry, Diane, Bob, whoever about the sales or the “deal”.  This can’t wait until you actually get off the plane? seriously?  no one wants to hear this.  no one thinks you are a big shot because you are on the plane talking as loud as you can about your business.  In fact I do think sometimes the people are making crap up.  These deals aren’t real.  But even better are the bluetooth drones.  And it is necessary of course to talk EVEN LOUDER when that is blinking blue on their heads. 

Really people take your calls, to your mama, your wife, your secretary, your whoever off the plane because I don’ t care.  DYING to take a poll on the plane right then and there, show of hands who wants to hear this joker?  I do turn my phone on when I land.  And I usually text who I need to that I have landed or check messages but I do not will not start talking on the plane.  It is bad manners.  Are we clear?  stop it.  can’t wait until I jump on  this next flight to EP and see the clowns that will be doin the big deal as we land there.  Almost as good are the folks that doing the deals BEFORE take off and pushing it to the limit to turn it off.    More tales from the trips to come…stay tuned.


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