When did airplanes become clothing optional?

I am no prude so let’s be clear on this but when did airplanes and airline travel, airports etc become clothing optional?  If you have flown anytime in the last several years I know you have seen this.  the main offenders are young women most often.  short skirts in the first place are a privilege not a right but there is little left to the imagination and I am sorry but I don’t want to see that you have or don’t have panties.  some girls, while I applaud the ability to be body confident really need a mirror, or a good friend to say um no sister not going out like that.  the pajama pants and Uggs?  UGH.  really brush your hair.  Who taught these girls it was okay to look like this?  I know other bad dressing girls.  Lovely too is the women who haven’t figured out that this opportunity to expose a lot has passed them by.  YEARS ago. 

Men, you are not safe either.  there is no place no time ever that is OK for a wife beater undershirt. EVER.  really if any of these people are YOU or a loved one.  INTERVENE.  NOW.  I don’t ever want to see someone’s underarm hair.  Nasty.  Notice it is not usually good looking people wearing these either. 

If I sound hypercritical, well, too bad.  Really it is about being in society and remembering it is not all about you.  offensive t-shirts?  not funny.  rolling out of bed and schlepping in pjs?  not attractive.  when did we stop wanting to make an attempt?  what happened to something close to a best foot forward?  hair brushing?  not seeing a lot of it.

All I am saying when you are traveling?  TRY.  Make an effort because there are other people around.  It is not a private plane.  Someone is going to sit next to you.  and please don’t share more of yourself than anyone even asked for.


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