X many days without Injury signs for relationships

I think that marriages and relationships with your significant other are great….but hard as hell.  while I believe that we aren’t meant to exist in sadly lonely alcoholic lives alone (different from sad lonely alcoholic lives with someone of course), and the wish to find that just right person lives within most of us  (exceptions being psychopaths who want to find someone to destroy)  it IS HARD to do without bumps bruises claw marks permanent scars and perhaps a nervous tick or two, or ten.

So what I think would be awesome is to post a sign in our homes much like they do in manufacturing plants.

I had an occasion years ago to be in the Wal-Mart distribution center in Plainview TX, years before I was Wal-Mart clean, maybe a few years before we actually had a Wal-Mart in Lubbock even.  I worked for a hospital that did the Children’s Miracle Network Telethon and we had a yearly telethon Miracle Child.  Happened to be a close family friend and Wal-Mart in one of their efforts to not be a soulless corporate giant was a big sponsor of the telethon.  (are they still? don’t go so don’t know).  Anyway, took the little MChild on the road for a fundraiser at the distribution center.   When I walked in for this event there was this huge sign that said something on the order of this facility has been x amount of days since an on the job injury.  little peg with number on it in the middle of this sign.  It’s a warehouse so naturally there is huge concern about OTJ injuries and the liability etc along with it.  something to shoot for, many days between injuries or God forbid fatalities in the workplace.  (a sick thought, does it count when someone goes postal?)

SO in thinking about relationships, wouldn’t it be great to have a sign in your house with the peg board and little numbers that says something like “this facility/house/casa/habitation/domicile is x days between injuries”?  you can decide what constitutes an actual injury upon persons residing there.  Wouldn’t it be nice to walk in someone’s house and know it had been 30 days post incident vs 1?  just a thought….


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