airplane monitor

Meant to add this about airplane travel when I was discussing what not to wear recently but had to get on the plane!  interrupted my ranting about the planes!  hmmph.

anyway, I wish I wasn’t but I am an airplane monitor.  If i could raise my hand and tell on a fellow traveler I would.  Seriously you don’t know how close I am to doing this on a weekly basis.  I can’t help myself.  I expect full compliance from my seat mates.  When they say seat backs and tray tables in upright and locked position, do it dammit!  And yes I love Ellen DeGeneres’ bit about “live, die” where she moves an inch forward or back to demonstrate the safety of that seat back rule.  BUT STILL IT IS THE RULE PEOPLE!  makes me crazy.  and the people who recline on a plane without even looking to see who they are smooshing behind them, well it’s just rude.  I am not here to shampoo your hair on this flight so get outta my lap.

Worse though is the not turning off phones.  I don’t like it either.  I don’t know that it is anything BUT a power trip to the airlines because they can say so but just do it.  OK?  seriously.  I want to get a whistle and blow and point fingers when someone’s cell phone goes off.

I know this nuts,  I know.  But I have to so you do it too and I don’t care if you don’t like it do it!  Trust me I drag my feet in turning off my iPod/Kindle/computer etc before landing, I really do.  I don’t see why I can’t keep listening because I am doing them a huge favor, especially in bad weather, since I hate flying and music soothes the savage beast in me that wants to start shrieking over every bump.  BUT IT IS THE RULE.

One day I am going to be arrested I just know it pulling a Barney Fife on a plane and wanting to have someone taken into custody for not turning off the damn phone, returning the seat and tray table to their upright positions.  When it happens you can nod and say, yep we saw it coming.


One thought on “airplane monitor

  1. oh man….i could write a book about my flight/airport pet peeves. one of my biggest, though, is the jacka** that jumps up as soon as the plane stops and stands in the aisle blocking everyone behind him. heaven forbid someone on his aisle or behind him get to get off before him!

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