casita obsession

Hi my name is Molly (Hi Molly) and I have a problem with tiny travel trailers…

I don’t know what it is but I want a teeny tiny house on wheels.  what in the h is wrong with me??? I am 5’10” for gosh sakes.  but I want a Casita, those little travel trailers with room for about 2 oompa loompas.  maybe.

they are so cute!  you can just link it and go!  and I want to go to a Sisters on the Fly event!  (see links)  it is just too cute.  I would also manage a small Airstream too (of course I would you say).  I really dig that silver bullet going down a highway.

They just seem so devil-may-care, let’s up and go anywhere!  And I want to decorate it too, I have been looking for a project for all the tear off a day calendar of Wild Words for Wild Women that I have saved for years on days that have too good of a smart ass remark to not keep.  Imagine wall papered in amusing bon mots by all kinds of sassy females.  you could pick up a new quote for the day just by eating cereal in my little home on the road.

sigh.  want one.  seriously.  bad.  want to go.  zoom zoom.

and have to give a shout out to Lori who told me about the Sisters on the Fly, we will earn our merit badges including the coveted Martini badge  AND to my husband Chuck who without me knowing it or even saying a word about it stopped to look at a Casita someone had for sale to check it out knowing my obsession.  One I had called Lori about and told her to go check out for her travel trailer obsession (I have liked the casitas long time but she is a travel trailer/camper/rv gal from way back).

I think it is a sign from the travel gods that I need one.  zoom zoom.


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