health care reform…um you first

From the outset of this commentary let me preface by saying I am not picking on anyone as a person here. I am picking on behaviors and how they piss me off and how I don’t want to pay for them.  PERIOD.

I referenced the fattening of America in a previous blog.  Here’s the thing,  I don’t really care nor want to legislate if someone wants to eat or smoke or drink themselves to death.  I really don’t.  I shouldn’t have to breathe your smoke and unfortunately I know firsthand about peopling dying due to drunk drivers so I understand why there are laws to protect others from these behaviors.  Here is where I get pissed.  DON”T come whining to the government or insurance or your doctors when you are sick because you are overweight, smoke or damaged your organs by drinking.  YOU DID IT.  take responsibility.  And I don’t think taxpayers need to cover your ass because you have done behaviors to damage your health.  And I saying that with the knowledge that I need to lose about 25 to 3o pounds myself to be in better optimal shape and health so this is not skinny Minny pointing fingers.

Take out all the folks who have serious weight issues due to meds they have to take for other chronic illnesses or other physical conditions that have caused weight.  Not talking about them.  I am saying there is a point people before 300, depending on your size before 250 or less that you needed to help yourself.  There was a point along the way that your blood pressure went up, you got pre diabetic, had trouble breathing and walking (goes to you too smoker gal/guy) that you knew something needed to change…. and you did nothing.  why?  get some help before this gets worse.  I realize we all have free will, a person has to want to change etc.  Um thinking that you get to pay a lot more of your portion for these conditions and as those situations change (you get to a healthier weight, quit smoking etc) you get to review that.

I don’t want children without health care I really don’t.  But I don’t want to pay for the chronic conditions of people who could have done something first.  I believe that if we are going to make employers ante up more in coverage and dollars that you get help based on what you as an individual do to help yourself.  Lose weight, stop smoking all kinds of programs for this.  get serious about cabs when you drink too much. ( and I do know someone who basically drank himself to death so can speak to that too).  People will have to take responsibility for their own health before putting out their hands and getting coverage and still doing the behavior that costs health care billions every year.  There are serious diabetic conditions that you can’t prevent, there are thin people with heart disease.  BUT don’t bring these things on by not taking care of yourself and think I am out working my ass off to get you covered.  UnHuh.  nope I am not your helper.  Think the old lady with the oxygen tank and the cigarettes on the bed table.  I don’t think so.

And for those out there bitching that the government shouldn’t tell you where you can smoke or what you should eat.  You are right, totally agree. BUT you shouldn’t smoke in my face either.  SO eat, smoke, drink yourself to death if you want.  Because I don’t  care what you say, I have worked in hospitals with physicians, seen cancer patients and renal patients and what they do in their life does most often matter to their health issues, in many cases when it comes to eating, smoking and drinking.

SO go right ahead.  free country, America the BEE U TEE FUL.  But you don’t get to bitch when that same government then doesn’t want to cover you when you could be helping yourself first.  And bleeding heart liberals who think everyone deserves coverage, well, I don’t disagree.  In an optimal place that is great but there has to be conditions.  We can’t afford it without responsibility.  Being a lifetime American I think I can say that we are not a patient bunch and socialized medicine will suck big because we are bigger than Canada and we got ourselves in a helluva mess.  Children yes, adults who know better need to get their business in order before health care reform ever happens.  Because not for one second will it be easy and coverage for all just isn’t likely.

My fellow Americans I don’t owe you a cent for your healthcare and you don’t owe me one either.


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