Is a Smart car really a “smart” idea?

how is a Smart car that smart of an idea when Americans are growing by leaps and bounds? I know I know.  green is good and seriously I am a recycling fiend.  I cannot will not throw away anything that can be recycled.  And I appreciate vehicles that will run on something other than fossil fuels but who are we kidding here?

The fattening of America is just one issue in this green car smaller car “smart” idea.  I gotta  whole lot of thoughts on the fattening of America aside from green issues so that’s another post.  It isn’t just weight at issue here.  I have two kids who are already 5’11” and 6’2″.  they can’t do a thing about being tall, not one thing yet one day our government is going to tell them to squeeze into a oj can of a car?  Um, hello, didn’t we have a reporter die of a blood clot in Iraq after hunching over for hours in a bent knee position in a tank?  having a blood clot is not a good thing folks, had one don’t want another.  Cookie cutter cars to solve a real problem of the issue of transportation that is more environmentally friendly is not going to “cut” it.  At 5’10” myself, a husband 6’3″, brothers over 6 feet, with wives and soon to be children over 6 feet, I realize not all are the redwood forests of families that we are but people are taller than they used to be due to nutritional advances (think less scurvy for one).  I will be happy to help the environment but all the do gooder green people, and I do count myself as one of them need not to judge me in my suburban driving two giant children around.  Hey, I drive a small Volvo when it is just me and only the bus when I have to so there.  I am doing what I can but don’t get sassy with me because we all can’t fold into a smart car or a mini cooper or a prius.  I can’t even get my children in the backseat of my Volvo 60 for longer than a quick trip down the street without them losing feeling in their limbs.

matters not whether you are a red state or blue stater, I don’t want my guvment telling me what to drive.  make my bigger vehicle more efficient, all for it but I can’t make my kids smaller.  And when I see the Prez and entourage in bullet proof prius going through the streets, we can revisit the issues.


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