parking lot karma

Many years ago I noticed a phenomenon of sorts taking place in parking lots. Karma probably isn’t the right word but it is the one that came to mind at the aha moment so there it is and it has stuck.  I have discussed this with people periodically who glaze over but this way I can’t see you when I bring it up so if you are glazing I don’t know and don’t care.

Have you ever noticed that when you are getting into your car, there will be someone getting into a car (presumably theirs, hadn’t thought about it being someone else’s until just now, hmmm) when you are?  cars within about a 4 car radius around you?  but i would say 90% of the time they are right next to me.  what is that?  I don’t know these people, we didn’t go into the same store, we didn’t go in a the same time but yet here we are leaving same time same spot of the lot.  busy malls, shopping centers, any place this happens to me. does it to you?  think about it next time you are getting into your car and report back because I think there is something going on here.


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