The case of the missing Victoria’s Secret models

I like the VS catalog, I have ordered for years, and get your mind out of bustiers and thigh stockings.  Just the updated versions of Sears catalogues lingerie is my shopping list. And like every other catalogue on the planet, you don’t get one each quarter or season, OH NO.  you have to get about 20 a month.  When are they going green is my question?  the trees plastered with bras and panties is just sad.

Anyway,  I noticed I was missing one of the many.  Short on time I would throw all mags and catalogues on a pile to peruse in 2025 when I no longer have children at home and nothing else to do.  But in looking for several particular things noticed I didn’t have the catalogues I had dog-eared for later ordering purposes.  This went on for about 3 weeks.  Finally one day I was in my son Garrett’s closet.  Garrett who would be about 7 at this time.

I came across VS catalogues.  Picked them up to find pages missing but not just the page.  There were clearly women cut out of the pages.  Now I am really puzzled and then suddenly frightened.  Where are these women?  Is my son Ted Bundy in the making?  will I find these half naked, high heeled, long haired come hither hussies with stab marks through them and eyes cut out?

Well I found them, in their original glossy state, glued into a spiral bound notebook.  Apparently his own personal collection of favorite girls of VS, precursor to buying a girls of the  Big 12 calendar I guess.

I found Garrett later watching Nickelodeon (and the irony of my crazed 7 year old with VS model addictions watching “Doug” is not lost on me either) and asked him about it.  He looked a little surprised, then said he just liked those girls best and went back to TV.  I asked him to not remove them from their places in the catalogues without telling me as one was wearing a bra I planned to order and without tearing away from the TV he said he would check first before cutting them out next time.


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