Trip with daughter, priceless

It is an amazing thing when you get to the point that you can travel with one of your children, or all or both, whatever the case may be, and it is not the exhausting experience it was when they were little, in need of changing, strollers, naps (although could have used one today myself) etc.  Traveling on this trip to California with my daughter has been a real special delight.  I don’t know if or when we will have such an opportunity for traveling together again just the two of us, there will be family trips or with her brother along too.  all those will be swell but this, this week was special.  At 13, she is conversational, game for anything, funny, honest, lovely.

As the reason for the trip was a camp for her, which she did do and loved and wants to do again, and being that at 13 she really couldn’t do the flying by herself, camp check in and all that, I had to come.  then I would have to get her back home of course so there was the reason to stay.  Then we come all this way might as well check out the sights around the area.  And I did really need a vacation. The fantastic day I spent at the Sense Spa at the Rosewood Sandhill.  The gorgeous campus of Stanford University made me wish I was starting college all again with its trees and buildings and sense of community that felt like “college” should feel.

We got all of that this trip and the opportunity to go on the fly and decide what we wanted to do even on the spur of the moment.

Tickets to a WNBA game found online when it occurred to us that there was this team so close by, easy drive and the chance to meet up with a childhood friend.  Tickets to a Broadway show that we had seen this summer but even better seats, thanks to a phone call and the now way too hot Amex card.   Walking through Chinatown in San Francisco, clam chowder in a sourdough bread bowl in Fisherman’s Wharf, an eager friendly cab driver taking us down Lombard, the crooked street in the world.  We will be in someone’s photographs with all the people snapping pictures all along the very short but picturesque avenue.  The terrace at Cheesecake Factory on top of Macy’s at Union Square, for what else? cheesecake.  Her amazement at the 4 floored Niketown.  and following cheesecake, then a hot dog from a street vendor.   Walking what felt almost completely vertical sidewalks, trying to catch way too busy cable cars.  The many different languages heard, the many different colors of people.  Golden Gate bridge, barely visible in the famous fog.

More than all of that I got to see all these wonderful things but I got to see it all through Kate’s experience too.  I am sure it will all cost me so much more than I planned but there will not be a moment of regret. It is like those mastercard commercials, the price of tickets, the events and in the end the time spent is priceless and worth every cent and second.


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