my daughter

I have posted some funny stories about my son but I haven’t about my daughter.  And I guess that is because the only funny story is that people think she is funny.  I have really is that each school year growing up she would get these end of year autograph type books or pages and then a yearbook in middle school that someone, usually more than one person writes how funny she is.  This is funny to me because Kate doesn’t “do” funny things like her brother’s idiosyncrasies or act clownish or very often go for a laugh.  Not with us anyway.  Apparently though she is a scream with her friends.  Which is funny to me, maybe not haha funny, considering this is my shy child who hid behind my legs going into kindergarten and didn’t look people in the eye for a long time.  But I like getting a perspective from the people who spend all day with her.  Somehow it is comforting to know that she does make people laugh and smile and I worry a little less.

None of this is written to poke fun at her or embarass her, she just has always been my more quiet, sit back and observe child.  She does come up with some zingers sometimes that we all just look at her and die laughing but she doesn’t do physical comedy or have bumbling moments really.  She is a sponge though and absorbs it all and doesn’t forget much and in that she is much like her father.  He was the king of an outrageous out of the blue one line that would break up the group, but you had to really know him well before he was comfortable.  He was not attention seeking with that and neither is Kate.  She has something funny to add she will otherwise will not waste energy on it.

She has a great capacity for laughter especially laughing at her brother and is good humored.  Even as I write I am trying to come up with a funny story but as is the case with many twins much of their stories sometimes are intertwined with the other.  And she is often the straight man to his goofiness. 

I can say this with certainty she is my more selfless and generous child in terms of material possessions.  As babies I would try to color code who had what cup or items and Garrett always had a preference and Kate gladly handed it over.  This concerned me that he would be able to push her around but she truly didn’t care if she had the purple cup or the blue one.  She isn’t too particular about who gets what item and was always willing to trade seats, be content where she was and go with the flow.  Also like her father.  And therefore my son gets manic behavior from me clearly!

A recent example of  how Kate views things was when we went to Wicked back in June.  I had bought three tickets but they weren’t together.  One was on the 26th row or so, one was on the 5th row and one was about 15th row.  I told the kids i would take the 26th row, and they could decide who got the other two and they could switch at intermission.  Garrett immediately shouted for 5th row and Kate said she was fine with taking the 26th row.  Which I said no take 15th and you and Garrett switch at intermission.  So intermission comes, they find me in the lobby and Garrett says that Kate doesn’t want to switch and off her runs back to 5th.  She said her seat was fine and was happy to switch with me all while I wanted to snap my son back and have him at least offered to move with me!  not that I would have done that but the offer would have been nice!  Kate did offer again with the mention that I had paid so I should be able to sit where I wanted.  She was truly fine just being there.

If there is money to be earned Garrett is on top of it and keeping track and Kate will have to ask a few times now what was that for or did I get it or whatever while Garrett knows to the penny.

They are just so funny, a minute apart but light years in so many other ways.

So no funny stories about Kate at this point.  When there is one going to right it down immediately for press.  What she is though is lovely, sweet, considerate and more beautiful in every way than I was at 13, or maybe for that matter ever will be.


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