Molly Collie, is that your real name?

Yes Virginia, it is my real name.  I have been asked this before and so thought it would be good to set the record straight.  In the post about my parents Charolette and Bill, you will find the history of how my parents met.  My dad is not conventional.  He is kind of a wild card but the kind you like to have on your side or draw in Uno.

As first born to be of Charolette and Bill Collie in Pecos TX, I was originally supposed to arrive on March 1, 1964.  My mother now likes to say that Dr. Hay, really the only GP in town and who did it all back then, had the dates wrong and I was really due on my actual arrival of March 31.  My dad supposedly wanted to have 6 children.  He is abou 11 years older than his younger brother and felt like an only child. His father died before my parents even met.  His mother lived in town as did his paternal grandparents, and maternal grandmother, so this pregnancy was quite heralded.

My dad I think was hoping or thinking of a boy.  My mother kept telling him she just knew it was a girl.  He is quite obstinate when he wishes and really flat refused to come up with girl’s names.  My mother was becoming quite pregnancy hormone challenged and this was upsetting.  (Apparently she and another pregnant friend consoled one another over banana splits almost daily at the Rexall drug soda fountain counter and I swear this is why I can’t tolerate bananas to this day).

A week or so before I was born my mother was insistent they come up with a girl’s name.  My dad relented with the comment that maybe I would be a girl as only a girl would be this (a month) late.  My dad knew one little girl and her name was Molly.  By this point I think my mother would have settled on “Williamena” after my dad just to have one.  She was fine with Molly and came up with Alline as my middle name, which is the name of one of her dad’s sisters (thank heavens I didn’t get Thira the other sister)  and somehow they didn’t say them all together, or if so Molly Alline Collie which throws the rhyme off.

When I was born, which is the sweetest story that my dad says and gets all misty-eyed, the doctor came out and asked him “how does a girl suit you?” and I was Molly Collie.  And it took other people saying Molly Collie with glee.  And my dad really thought it was genius.  Frankly, no one forgets Molly Collie.

Precedent was set because my dad got all the first names to follow with my brothers and my mom got family names for the middles.  Morris Watson (Daddy’s grandfather and Mother’s maiden) Lance Cole (Daddy liked the name and Mother’s mother’s maiden name).

Mother got her wish for NOT 6 children because after 2 my dad said he was done.  (But I love that there are 3 of us because my mother told my dad she wanted another baby, he said 2 was fine and she said too late!)

So thanks Daddy for the last minute moniker decision and Mother for surviving the pregnancy without birthing banana splits, having me at the Rexall drug soda counter, or killing my father during it all.


2 thoughts on “Molly Collie, is that your real name?

  1. Look at this treasure trove of writing I found! I think it should be known that in high school, we always hoped that you would have a baby (eventually, not in high school!) and name him Brock. I concede that Garrett is much, much better. But not as funny.

    1. I had no idea I was in for a baby naming contest. but agree not nearly as funny as Brock Collie. and i guess I need to get back to the blog soon! soon as I wrap up the novel

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