“Oh your short hair is so cute! but I could never do that”

What is it about short hair on a woman that spurs such strange comments?  And it is polarizing apparently too, which I also don’t understand but am completely amused by such reactions.

I have long hair envy. I will raise my hand as if in a support group and say “Hi I am Molly and I wish I had long hair to wear in a ponytail”.  I am however blessed with my mother’s straight, fine hair.  Which the longer it gets becomes more fine and then just seems like less hair than I actually have.  Trust me I have tried to have long hair.  I have battled my hairdressers over the years to work with the hair grow-out fun phases.  Ironically, my wishes for long hair coincide with my friends who have ever seen it short telling me just cut it because I can wear it short and it looks good.

So I am back to short and this is where the fun comes in with the general public who apparently just don’t know what they are saying when they open their mouths.

“Wow, your hair is so short.”  (duh) “You really have the face for short hair” (huh?) “Wish I was brave enough to go that short” (but I’m clearly a chicken in most things) “I could never do that, but on you it looks so good!” (I am prettier than you no matter  hair because I don’t say this crap to strangers)  “Does your husband/boyfriend/spouse really like it like that?”  (maybe he just lies to me I dunno)

If I could wear long hair I so would.  I would be a lazy long hair person and put it in a ponytail and ball cap as often as possible.  So I am lucky that I can wear it short and I do get compliments, lots of them actually, and some not even backhanded.  My spouse met me with short hair so I guess he liked it enough to ask me out again and marry me.  I get “striking” a lot which is pretty cool. And I think I could take that in several ways but going to go with the positive.

Most men I have ever come across have a preference for long hair on woman.  I am not sure why this is exactly but I am going to guess it has something to do with insecurity in their masculinity.  I mean it could be they truly prefer long hair but I have often thought it has to do with something inside them that is afraid it will mean they like boys?  I don’t know if that is really true of course but some men truly seem to have a strong aversion to short hair and I have to go with it is threatening in some bizarre inexplicable way.  But the men who like women with short hair are big on my list of really cool guys.  They have their s*&t together in my book.

I envy long hair, I said that already.  But I don’t hate the women who can wear it and look great.  I am prone to compliment them, too in a truly genuine sincere way.  There are woman who really should cut their hair.  I mean really should cut it OFF.  they might have beautiful faces but how would you know?

Women with short hair that can really own it are sassy.  Some are incredibly sexy and alluring.  Maybe that is why men are threatened, because of the confidence it takes to go short and own it.  You can much better see the fine features of a woman’s face with short hair.  In my case, long hair seemed to pull down my face and I am getting older not younger so I don’t need that kind of help, thanks so much.

So I will probably continue with some variation of short for a long time.  Consider Halle Berry, Annette Bening, Sharon Stone (I wish she would go back to the short already).  Beautiful sexy women with short hair rocking.  I know there are more but they come immediately to mind.  And Annette got Warren Beatty who was a serious player.  she did it with short hair and they have four kids now.

But if you see me please save your self the trouble and don’t say “Oh I would never be brave enough to do that”.  Because you are right, you aren’t if you are going to say something like that.


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