Family stick figures on what else? A mini van

I have no problem being a mean girl. I know I speak for many when I say I find those family stickers on their back windows. Of mini vans. To be. Sooooo annoying. Is this necessary?
If I find any friends of mine sporting those stickers. For the reals. Not being funny. We are no longer friends. Not even kidding.
I fully expect a woman with a denim skirt and/or a cartoon character shirt or sweater like Pooh for instance or some Disney creation to pop out of the car, along with the bow headed stick figure girls or cap wearing boys. I don’t think it’s cute. Sure it is all great you’re so proud of your brood and all that but along with the mini van it’s too much. I have kids but I still have my dignity. And I can’t do the mini van. I swear it is almost worse to see those “people” on the back of a suburban. Way to keep it classy. Back of my suburban fam wag I had the sports stickers with name of my kid number and sport. I had my college alumni affiliation stickers. I have no doubt those annoy others. I am under no impression that I don’t annoy someone else that’s why I have no problem saying how I feel about those damn stupid stickers.

Today ahead of me pulling into the mall light. Minivan with the fam on the back. 3 girls. Nice. Be glad I just don’t like the looks of your car and stickers and I am not some freak gonna follow you home to get a gander at those three girls. Honestly they are annoying but in this day and age do you really want the scaries of the world knowing you have three girls at home? Do them a favor, don’t advertise them.

I feel about those like I did the suction cup yellow signs that read Baby On Board back in the 80s. Why people why? Let’s advertise a kid is in your ride for any would be baby snatchers. Or did you really think anyone was going to drive differently on a road with you because of your precious cargo? Dumb then still think dumb now.

My bonus daughter M has the zombie people on back of her chevy avalanche truck. Now that’s funny. A dad a daughter fish bowl and dog. Clearly zombified, bloody and limbs suspiciously injured and clothing askew. On a big ass truck. Zombie people not the cutesy stick people.

Yes it’s mean girl Thursday. Oops now mean girl Friday like super early. Starting early. Fear for Friday now.

And don’t let me catch you with that family stuck on your window. I might just have to get those old English looking letters with a Spanish name to add to the window. Because that would really add to the look of your sporty ride. The minivan


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