Back to the blog!

Ok WOW. last post was Aug 2013. Derelict in my blog duties is an understatement. Inspired to return because a wonderful friend is back to blogging with the purpose to keep friends and family informed of a medical situation with her wife. I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo this month to finish up a draft of a new book idea and I realized I miss blogging but i just have let life, dammit intrude. But no more of that. which will be a entry for another day.

I wrote in March 2011 a post about gay marriages. Happy to say that on June 26, 2015 the Supremes in DC aka SCOTUS blanketed the country with the law of the land that same-sex couples would be able to obtain licenses in all 50 statues of the U. S. of A! i was ridiculously giddy and I can’t really explain why since I am not looking to get married to same or opposite sex anyone. But in that post I mentioned my two friends I was fortunate to spend time with. They were married in Connecticut but it wasn’t legal in their state of residence until now. All I can say really is about DAMN TIME. My own 75.5 year old mother said just last night, while a woman marrying another woman or a man marrying another man is not something she completely gets from her religious perspective she does however believe that as it is a legal paper that makes  two married and legal, and not that clergy or church building, these couples should have that right. She went on to say they deserve legal protection for them and how they care for each other and plan their lives, the realities of coupling and for their children. You GO Mother. She gets that.

In another post update the one of the Casita Obsession of 2009, well I am happy to report that my obsession with a tiny trailer reached a peak moment when I got a 2015 Shasta Airflyte 1961 reissue, matador red and white 16′. ADORABLE. Ms. La-Tee-Da named for my father’s name of a character called LaTeeDa in the bedtime stories he told my brother and I. LaTeeDa grew up.  The theme of my camper, ahem, glamper is smart ass woman. I am sure that is a shocker. Anne Taintor knickknack things and vintage-y retro-y pictures and decor along with lots of great pillows creates a wonderful I Dream of Jeannie bottle effect. It works. And i have camped in it! with Sisters on The Fly and thanks continues to go to the BFF L for getting us into this mess in the first place. a tow vehicle and camper later I am in business! I would be the first tell you I wouldn’t have a camper but well, never say never kids.

I plan to be better at this and reserve my writing and posting for the blog vs Facebook. Frankly, i get too mad or distracted there. Even if no one reads this I am better off. Gotta work the craft because I want writing full time one day!

Lastly to that end I am going to a Writer’s Digest conference in August. Including time with pitching to agents. We will see. Recent life events have told me NOW or never. Put up or shut up. The book in progress is working titled “50 on Fifty observations from the midcentury mark”.  Wish me luck!

Ms. La-Tee-Dajeannie bottle!more of the glamperMs. La-Tee-Da at night


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