The Ladies Grace

Today i had the opportunity to see some friends from where I used to live. The best thing about my work travel territory is I do have the opportunity to reconnect with friends from my days in Lubbock. I have things that are going on in my life, as we all do often, more than we would like to be dealing with for sure. My friends I got to see today have a variety of unpleasantness in their lives, needing to overcome some serious concerns. I am going to call them collectively as The Ladies Grace.

They both embody one of the noun definitions of grace. A disposition to kindness and compassion. i find it interesting that they both have been in careers in the teaching, nurturing or caring for others. While one is dealing with a diagnosis that no one wants to have given, she has the capacity to make a visitor feel relief of spirit, when I as the visitor hope to give some relief during surgery recovery. I have always found her home that she shares with her wife to be a place of serenity, calm, peace, even  when there is lots of activity about as they have often hosted fun evenings of visiting, eating, and enjoying wine. Even in the midst of their current state of medical limbo, their home is a welcome stop on my own journey.

The second Lady Grace I had dinner with this evening has always been a bit of a puzzle to me. She was a customer that became a friend as she has worked with men mostly, through her medical training so as we became friends I realized she had a need for women friends who stuck by her. We may go quite awhile without talking or seeing each other but she has turned up at unexpected moments in my life where her kindness and timing were impeccable . She is a woman of few words to my motor mouth. She looks after her parents, her siblings who are also middle age and their children along with grown step children and an elderly husband. All that on top of wearing multiple hats high in academic and medical institutions along with treating patients. I hope today when she needed me to listen and extend kindness in return she had relief. I think she did.

I am blessed many times over for simply knowing The Ladies Grace. They have provided me refuge, comfort, friendship, and kindness that sustains me in times that I am troubled. I know several other women who are in this special club. It was a bonus day to spend time with two.


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