What did you like to do at 10?

This was the question posed by author Gretchen Rubin’s podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin that she and her sister TV writer and producer Elizabeth Craft host. I recently discovered this podcast so I have been playing catch up.  Elizabeth liked watching TV and apparently watched a lot of it. It proved to be telling as she went into the TV entertainment industry. I found this question interesting and like the previous podcasts of theirs I have listened to, it got me thinking. What did I like to do at 10?

I turned 10 in March 1974, the second half of fourth grade school year. I liked to watch TV too. I still played with Barbie and her friends, and paper dolls using my imagination and pretend to make up the stories about their lives. What I remember most about playing was making up the stories about them. That and the stories I liked to make up in my head on the way home from school to make the walk home go faster. Essentially what I liked to do at 10 years old was “write” stories whether in my head or on paper. And clearly I still do. Later i did journals and notebooks, filing the blank pages with notes and snippets of book or story ideas, journals of what was happening to me back then. I even started journals for my children when they were born, recording historical moments in their life. It might be a year before I wrote again but I couldn’t help myself but try to make record of passage of time for them and myself.

Now some 40 years later I am still doing what I liked to do at 10, write stories, tell stories, though most are about myself these days. Painters have to paint, dancers have to dance, actors have to act, singers have to sing, and writers have to write. Even if no one sees, watches, hears or reads. it would be lovely of course to have someone like what I am compelled and moved to do but i get as much enjoyment even if no one else sees it.

And I can’t help but be happy or even “happier” per Gretchen Rubin’s podcast and prompt, to realize that somewhere in this 50 year old is a happy 10 year old!


2 thoughts on “What did you like to do at 10?

    1. I liked those things too, sounds like we could have been at the same playground! and at 51 I appreciate you reading my blog!

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