Day 3 Aug 2 Writer’s Digest Conference NYC

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to get Day 3 in the blog! That’s what happens when your day job with work travel and a little thing like moving your life to another city piece by piece gets in the way! BUT here it is!

I will admit right away I had the best of intentions getting to one of the first couple of sessions of this last day of the conference and planned to attend The Persistent Writer: Strategies to Succeed in a Changing Publishing Landscape and then a Panel: Breaking in: First Time Novelists Share How They Got Their Book Published. However I was in the hotel bar until way late hanging with some amazing folks that included the previously mentioned Ms. Pennsylvania and Louisiana but now the circle grew to Ms. Maryland, Florida, New Mexico and another Ms. Texas! It also included a Mr. New Jersey and it was too much fun. So much so that I overslept. I think the adrenaline and excitement of Pitch Slam and all the buzz of the day finally caught up with me. I know the sessions were great and I wished I could have gotten up for them. I did manage to make the Dirty Little Secrets: Learn How the Publishing Industry Really Works in Order to Become a More Successful Author with the Publisher of Writer’s Digest Phil Sexton. Interesting and I took great notes and underlined “you are own best advocate, ask right questions, get right answers” during the process.  Shouldn’t we all be our own best advocate everyday in every situation? I have taken that advice to apply to numerous things since. Thanks Phil!

I will make a post about the incredible keynote speakers we had each day including the one that finished the last and third day of the conference.

To wrap up the three days though, I have to say I left NYC a different person than when I arrived. I took a photo with my badge and put on Instagram then shared with Facebook and Twitter and the texts, comments, calls  I received from friends said basically the same but profound thing; that I looked so genuinely happy. My BFF Lori said it had been a long time since she saw me that happy. And looking at the photo it was true. I was smiling up through my eyes and I know I hadn’t in quite some time. For the days I was in New York City, taking in the city in the days leading to the conference and then every minute of the conference itself, were simply remarkable in how I felt joy. Pure simple real joy. I have missed that sense of self. The creative is a powerful force.

I cannot say enough about the amazing folks at Writer’s Digest who made this conference an experience I will never forget. I left with real tools for flexing my creative muscle and hopefully turning it into something I have dreamed of since that little girl walking home from school making up stories in my head to entertain me each afternoon. I am beyond grateful when I think of the time I spent. It was worth the time, money and effort to meet such wonderful people that I know we will all be hearing more from in the future! To think I kept getting the emails and kept thinking I didn’t think I could get away until finally I said it is truly put up or shut up time about writing a book and seeing what can happen!  I just shudder to think I could have missed such a great experience! So glad I was there for #WDC15!


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