Hey 2017! Glad you’re here 

I know a lot of people are glad 2016 is in the books. I keep hearing how horrible it was for people, the Election maybe didn’t go they way they wanted. Things personal and professional went south. While it wasn’t my favorite year as I told my daughter who was lamenting how awful it was, I had to remind her and myself of the high points.

I can’t just flush a whole year or chalk it up to sucking totally. I got to take my college kids on a dream trip to the U.K., I took fab trips in my Airstream Flying Cloud with my camping girls. First year of having this new trailer. My daughter and son had good semesters of college, continuing to work toward graduation in 2018. They are healthy I am reasonably healthy. My bonus daughter and her husband made decisions to get back in college for their goals. And my ex husband and I regained our friendship as he is one of my favorite partner in crimes. 

I saw Adele, finally after 3 attempts! With my bff no less. Made for an amazing girls trip to Phoenix culminating in the concert, Adele’s last one of her tour.

Those are some BIG things I realize but I am grateful for small moments of joy too. Sure I had some total suckage in my life. I still don’t have a “home” as such. Still in between living where I work so I ended up with over 60 nights in a certain hotel chain. And that’s just one of the chains I used. Many nights away.

Joy came in many forms though. Sharing hotel room for most of the overseas trip with my kids was a blast. We discovered British television shows that we got hooked on. There’s something to be said for that togetherness. A dear friend with cancer kept her spirits up and came through a difficult surgery was profound joy. Going back to a town I lived for a long time to celebrate Christmas with the BFF and her family with my kids was the best. Just like we used to do.  There are really too many to list. 

I don’t like to make resolutions but a friend had a post about picking a word to focus on. Mine is balance because I think I will find all the other things, joy, focus, discipline etc I lacked in 2016 (including back to writing and blogging) if I find my balance between what is important and what is urgent. 

Before you write off an entire year, 366 days in fact since it was a leap year, take a moment and find the moments of love, joy, kindness you extended or was extended to you. There has to be something. Then think how you can build on that for 2017.

Your year clean slate starts today. What will you mark on it?

Peace and joy friends 


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