Insomnia my old friend

I should go to bed. I will soon. I think. Maybe.

I wish I knew what it was that made me a night owl. I would like to do a whole do over thing on that. I would love to be a person who went to bed and to actually sleep at a decent time, 1030p latest. But it is not me. Dang it.

Since my waking up at 4a last week I have slept some better. My baby boy did get off safe and sound to study abroad “across the pond”. I have spoken to him and received photos, texts and other messages so all good.

I have plenty going on with a new business geography coming up and closing out a current one. I am plenty busy so I should be more than ready to go to sleep at night. Really I should. 

It’s elusive though.

Just like my self-discipline. That were I to have any would have me going to bed at same time every night. 

I think I will sleep on that thought. Start over tomorrow and make it a new day. 

Maybe Wednesday will bring a better bedtime. 


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