Who is TXTravelGirl?

The nickname or moniker of TXTravelGirl came about over 11 years ago when I had to come up with a profile name for a site. Then as in now I am on the road a ridiculous amount of time, even for someone who does like to travel! I am on the road for work in sales and with two kids in college in two different cities in Texas, along with other family and friends.  A true Texan doesn’t mind the road. I grew up with a dad who would have us pile in the family wagon for a long day trip to Davis Mountains just to go and see what there was to see. I think the urge “to go” was instilled early. Wonder and amazement at the big wide world is a gift.

So it stuck and sticks to be Molly Collie aka TXTravelGirl. it fits where I have been and where I am headed. See ya down the road!


3 thoughts on “Who is TXTravelGirl?

  1. Hi Molly, Assume you have taken John Dvorak’s advice: “If I want a personal webpage with all sorts of information about myself, I’ll go to WordPress.com and make one. By doing this, I don’t turn over any data, control, or information to an onerous third party to sell, use, or exploit. I can close down the site when I want. I can say what I want. I can pretty much do whatever.”

  2. By the way, your short hair is so cute, but I could never do that. Is your hair really short or is that an old picture?

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